Bestie Toys Success Stories


 Kids with their BESTIE 


"Thanks to #bestietoys for making such amazing sensory necklaces so that kids like our Xanderman can get their chew on without ruining stuff like shirts and blankets! He's been chewing on it since I surprised him with it. He says he loves his basketball "chewy" 😍 WE Rate them 10/10"



"@bestietoys her teachers said it really helped her in class today!"




" Az loving his new #Chew from @bestietoys Thank-You so much for a quality chew and quick shipping! 💙💙💙 
Az & Mommy"



"Nūr has sensory issues. He puts everything in his mouth, he smells everything, and he touches and picks up everything and anything. He doesn't like loud noises and " " sometimes struggles when people touch him. He receives occupational therapy which has helped him, he came a long way. Wanted to give a BIG Thank YOU to @bestietoys for his basketball neck piece which is an everyday essential. He can chew on it, keep his hands busy, and smell all he wants. #autismmom #autism "



" My son has a PICA disorder due to his Autism, it means he loves to chew on things especially inedible things so to help him we get him what's called #chewlery , he doesn't like necklaces so what we do is put them on fun keychains he can grip and hold, his newest one and so far favorite one is the basketball chew from @bestietoys its tough and rubbery to handle his hard chewing and it's a fun design.
Also there prices are very reasonable"